My name is Michelle Jensen, and I want to help you feel comfortable in your own skin.


Skin care was never part of my daily routine. I realized just how important skin care is when I noticed the adult acne, crinkles, sun damage and laugh lines on my face. 

Going to school for skin care was the first step in fixing my own skin issues. While in school, I found my passion for doing facials, learning about different skin types and skin conditions, and how to effectively treat skin issues with customized skin care for each client. No two faces are the same, and I believe that you cannot use a "basic" facial for every skin type.


I am also a fan of tattoos, and have several tattoos myself. I am offering tiny tattoos and permanent makeup in the spa, along with skin care services!

I love using my passion for skin care to help my clients feel beautiful in their own skin!

Beautiful Skin